what one will allow will continue.

I think micro-management & micro-aggression are by far the biggest problems upon which judgementalism is predicated.





conservatives who embrace, or even teach, harmful beliefs are still our brothers and sisters. God loves them as much as he loves us; they have a seat at the table the same as we do. I know that many of them “don’t want to be included if it means the rest of us are, too.”, but unfortunately many of us feel the same way about them.


…I also find it interesting that Jesus said “before” or “ahead” of you, rather than “instead”.

charlesburchfield to  Iain Lovejoy

The hit I get is where there’s an established pattern of hierarchy and patriarchy it goes Underground when challenged with change of power structures and implementation. Things become passively aggressive quickly in such a circumstance I do believe!! It’s like they say they will but they they won’t. They say they do but they don’t!!



To begin with I think fear of being left out and not having things come out the way one wishes establishes the pattern of addiction and motivates one’s deployment of loyalty to a brand or a tribe: I think primarily microaggression and micromanaging is a symptom and the main motivator that leads to projection and judgmentalism.

Billy Stokes

…many folks have started working and praying from the infinitely expandable permanent operating platform within, indeed the Kingdom of Heaven. Gloom and doom worshipping prophets of Baal are withdrawing from the high places and soon we will see rain in the deserts.


I cannot help but think of how big business often plays a part in setting up idolatry, in how it sometimes pressures those who sit around a conference table to cast their votes to freeze employee salaries and to raise health insurance premiums. And how it entraps those on a local administrative and management level by making their jobs and bonuses depend how well they stay under budget, a line that is made more difficult to stay under year after year.

Yet, it is all rationalized as, “Its just business; we have to make difficult decisions that help us stay competitive”. Meanwhile, consciences are turning, confused…others made hard; while those on the bottom rung are left wounded.

Kim Fabricius to  JohninAwe

Ah, the Golden Calf. “Big business”, the movers and shakers of capitalism — what are they but gilded tit-suckers?

But the Gold Medal for idolatry goes to — Religion! Christianity included? You betcha! Indeed Christianity in the US is one of idolatry’s more insidious forms due to the conflation of exceptionalist patriotism and unregulated capitalism (Coolidge’s “the business of America is business”) with faith.

“We can so very easily fill up the space in our minds or in our prayers with the picture of the God who keeps us happy, drawn from our own preferences, our own ideals, what makes us safe and comfortable. We can use that to plug up the gap — we can produce something, we can make a religion.”

-Rowan Williams



Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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