more tribal dementia.

The naive presumption that there’s a huge chasm between the world of rhetoric and the physical world — that words cannot cause physical violence.

…we have developed an elaborate system of innuendo and coded language to get around it (racism).

…the widespread defense of Trump’s categorization of African countries as shitholes…(is an example)…of…

shattered white taboo.
American Conservative senior editor Rod Dreher wrote a blog post:
 “Of Shitholes and Second Thoughts”
two opposing responses to
Trump’s comment that both
“resonate” with him.
  • The first critiques Trump for using “monstrous, dehumanizing language,” while
  • the second says that “some countries are shitholes” and commends Trump for “break[ing] the spell of silence the Left is forever weaving around us.”

I think letting go of micromanaging every aspect of practicing xianty by the book may cause one to sink into a temporary state of depression. IMHO Acceptance of Life On Life’s terms means one finally comes to the end of one’s compulsions to control outcomes and is ushered into the presence of the shepherd per the 23rd psalm. He never leaves or forsakes! I think If one is willing to practice, on a daily basis, turning over one’s life and will one then may spend the rest of one’s time on Earth preparing to receive and be given vision, peace, comfort of anticipating the promise coming true: goodness & mercy following the days remaining to one and looking forward with growing confidence to a future of never being separated from one’s beloved even after death. Perhaps One will even become a kind person filled with joy & cheerfulness ready to encounter others with the unconditional love of Christ offering many forms of encouragement to each unique individual because of this arrangement!


Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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