getting used to how this new normal rolls.




One thing, of many, that cooks my oatmeal is that they will blame Trump for the wreck that is the GOP. It is McConnell. 100%. This cannot be overstated or repeated too much.

mothra  /Iwonder

What wreck? They are getting their conservative judges, their tax cuts, destruction of regulations, destruction of the safety net…seems like everything is coming up roses for the Republicans these days.

BigBuck  /Iwonder
No point in trying to focus on one turd in the sewage treatment plant.



I’m getting used to how this new normal rolls. Anything a black president does is meh… anything the white president does and takes credit for what the Black president started, accomplished or would have accomplished if allowed to remain in office is fantastic, miraculous, a real turnaround!! I think You gotta understand Trump’s base. People of color and their accomplishments are totally invisible!! That’s how it rolls. I think knowing the score is helpful and making decisions around the obstruction of the new racism is a new art form!!





Definition of agitprop. : propaganda; especially : political propaganda promulgated chiefly in literature, drama, music, or art.


It has gotten worse in recent years but I think our society has been paralyzed by the paradox of tolerance as long as I’ve been politically aware. Many Americans, even people on the left who I think are arguing in good faith, are in thrall to what they consider a broad interpretation of freedom of speech and political expression, but is actually a misogynist and ethnocentric set of norms that protect not only the speech but the actions of white men. Threatening other people is not a legitimate use of speech. Neither is organizing with the purpose of intimidating, harming or disenfranchising others. These are all actions that interfere with other people’s exercise of citizenship and even their basic safety. Yet even on the left people aren’t sure if it’s OK to punch Nazis. Here’s a hint: ovens >> black eyes.

White supremacists and other vicious bigots deliberately prey on this uncertainty among decent people and seek out spaces that claim to prize freedom of expression above all else. In the process, they destroy these spaces and harm the people who once occupied them. As our country will also be destroyed unless we find a way to put this trash as far outside the bounds of the law as they are– by their choice– outside the moral bounds of human behavior.

CP /  epidemiologist

People expect universities to make room for white supremacist speakers and scientists to pay attention to climate change deniers and creationists, but not in a million years would someone claim that, say, the Pentagon or the National Security Council need to reserve a few high-ranking positions for anti-war activists, otherwise they’re “elitist” and disconnected and evil. For reasons which are obvious, but nevertheless will never be applied in reverse.

CV Danes

The fragility of democracy can be summed up by Freud’s der Narzissmus der kleinen Differenzen (the narcissism of small differences), in which groups that should be united in principle devolve into knife fighting over differences that are insignificant when compared to the larger issues at hand…we will all unite in principle that the primary process is important, at which time we will devolve into a hundred different camps who will fight to the death over whatever insignificant issues are significant to us…all agree that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the U.S. which requires us to unify in response, if we could only agree on what unification means.

The Kids Aren’t AltRight

When two groups of people are yelling at each other to shut up, whichever side is closest to Fascist is always practicing their rights while the less fascist side is always preventing free speech. In addition to providing cover for Nazis, they are making sections of the left view the liberal, Democratic ideal of free speech as some Nazi apologist bullshit and weakening democracy on both ends.






Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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