why are narcissists so stupid and Evil?



Just another Bozo on the bus


Because they are stupid. Because they are hoplelessly shortsighted.

Emotional immaturity, impulsiveness, selfishness, obliviousness to others’ perspectives, shameless feeling of entitlement, lack of self-reflection, lack of empathy, full of envy, inability to manage anger, etc.

All combined, they are completely unable to see the obvious long-term effects and consequences of their actions. They just live in the moments. They are poor, simple creatures, always on improvised contingencies hastily built at the moment.



But these nihilistic little prank-callers, being just that, couldn’t resist putting their creation to other, perverse uses. They saw it as an opportunity to do their favorite thing — messing with “normies” (their contemptuous, condescending term for everyone they regard as less intelligent or less valuable than themselves, i.e., for everyone who is not them). Having met the initial challenge, they upped the ante: “Dude, I bet we could get a bunch of people to believe this stuff was all true. That’d be, like, hilarious!”


And so they presented their concoction as a series of supposed “leaks” and dark hints from a fictitious highly placed insider in the Trump administration and/or inside the Mueller investigation (according to this theory, those are the same thing). And they managed to convince thousands of credulous “normies” to swallow the whole thing, hook, line, and sinker. That turned out to be easier than they likely ever dreamed because, after all, their target audience desperately wanted to believe that the president on whom they’ve staked their own credibility might somehow be believed to be credible. They needed to believe that they hadn’t put their faith in someone who was acting in bad faith, and so they were eager to latch onto any theory — no matter how unlikely — that would allow them to continue believing that.

…People who continue to mistakenly believe that never presuming bad faith means never allowing ourselves to acknowledge its undeniable presence.



Left-wing Twitter mobs are a great gift to the right, since they make defending the status quo seem transgressive and brave.



 the storm conspiracy:

Like all Satanic baby-killer folklore, The Storm adds a bit of flair to embellish the stock image of superlative evil. These human-sacrificing Satanic-cult baby-killers also engage in cannibalism. They don’t just kill babies for Satan, they also eat them, ritually, and also, of course, for Satan.




Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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