root of the term “teleology”, roughly the study of purposiveness, or the study of objects with a view to their aims, purposes, or intentions.

Kim Fabricius

…against a Pharisaical, separatist understanding of holiness, the holiness of Jesus means maximum involvement in the quotidian and the messy. The holy of holies — it is not an altar but a gibbet, right?


Lately I’ve been intuiting self as kind of a gem with lots of facets. The gem is dynamic, spinning, and light and love of God flashes on each facet as it floats through time. Each facet is us at a specific time and sequence in our developmental stages. I think one’s agency is activated by circumstances or/and the choices one makes Depends on one’s nature, nurture and psychological default human programming, that comes with our DNA. The mystery of “being in Christ” is that one has a breakthrough introduction to the creator of the universe and of all that is and enters a new phase in ones human existence where one can absorb the creators spirit and one is willingly motivated by the light and wisdom that saturates creation. MHO God’s love is constantly chipping away at the multiple layers and veneer of Prejudice and assumptions that comes from ones being influenced by being a tourist, since birth, of a cultural aberration.


Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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