how can one know what one has not been taught?


When one is contained in a cult-like situation one has not knowingly sacrificed this awareness for an illusion of safety and control in my humble opinion. how can one know what one has not been taught? But life itself teaches I think. One can be seduced for many decades of comfortably going along to get along but then something begins to wiggle. For many reasons one may be expelled from the charmed circle. One is traumatized.Then the long slide into the hideous awareness that one is in the process of being betrayed, abused, abandoned. That’s when reality of life on life’s terms begins to break one. That’s when one is stunned by the reality of death. That’s when one needs to know God keeps his promise to never leave or forsake & nothing can ever separate one from his love & that’s totally to be Till the end for everyone without exception in my humble opinion!



Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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