All that we can know or say about God we learn by looking at Jesus the Christ

//3. “All that we can know or say about God we learn by looking at Jesus the Christ.// now today we look into each other’s eyes and we see him MHO. That’s how I found you!! He’s all our names now!!

Apparently one is to be as wise as a serpent / harmless as a dove. Getting progressively good at that is thy will not my will. when one meets the other who is not yet convinced, whose soul is not yet aflame by the fire of the Holy Spirit one is not offended and one does not lift up a sword to make things right!! Forgive them Father for they know not what they do until they do. Only you know what they do. So be it!!

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After Easter: Jesus As the End of God

…we have actually taken God’s freedom away and come to a human understanding of what exactly God is allowed to think, say, or do

This end of God must be undone by the ending of this God of our construct and imagination.

…we could and should rather say that only when we have come to the end of ourselves we are open to God’s end. Abandoning our own constructs of God is not something that happens easily and automatically. It’s not merely an intellectual insight. Rather, we need to hit the wall of our own finitude and run aground in our own self-sufficiency. Our constructs of God do not live up to reality and ultimately leave us bereft of security and comfort.

…when our life comes to a grinding halt and we have no power to go on; when the God we call on remains silent, then we have come to our end. And so we say: this is where it ends. But it is also where it begins.

look at Jesus and see how he loves, heals, cares, provides. He gives his body for the other. He gives and loses his life. His human bodily life. This is the end of God in the body of Jesus. The end of God in Jesus Christ is our end. He died that we might live and give our lives for the other. God’s end is our end. How can we not go that path Jesus went? Our only speaking of God can be about how this God of Jesus can be made manifest through us.

“Embodiment is the end of God’s path.” This was one of Bonhoeffer’s favorite quotes.

This world, our creaturely reality, lives in the hope that it will be renewed. In Christ God says Yes to the world, to our bodies, to our creaturely reality.

Josh de Keijzer

Ph.D. Systematic Theology. Bonhoeffer scholar. Writer. Lecturer. Researcher.



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I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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