How Bonhoeffer Can Be an Ally for Trump Voters highlights

Dietrich Bonhoeffer



Under the crushing weight of a totalitarian system that had all of Germany in its grip, Bonhoeffer’s complicity in the assassination attempt was a grassroots effort after all forms of democratic process were annihilated.

In order to get a majority today you need to vote Trump which implies losing the morality you stand for.
The vote for Trump, however, is a desperate attempt from above to impose, in whichever way possible, a law that enforces some form of Christianized morality upon culture. It is an attempt to coerce people into behavior that some deem essential to the Christian faith.

Bonhoeffer’s resistance had nothing to do with gaining power or remaining in control. Bonhoeffer’s was a desperate attempt to breach the wall of totalitarianism in order to forge a way to liberation and freedom.

While the evangelical leaders who tell us to vote for Trump purport to do so in the name of Christ, the resulting lack of care for the alien, the widow, the orphan, and the poor — were Trump to gain power — entails a betrayal of the very Christ whom they proclaim.

Bonhoeffer, on the other hand, truly put Christ at the center, because he was willing to follow Christ to the point that he risked losing his life.

Trump is a good example of the menace Bonhoeffer saw need to do battle with. The evangelical alignmeunt with Trump bears more resemblance — if we have to make a comparison, this is — with the German Christians who sided with Hitler.

True courage allows you to put yourself out there — even when your knees tremble — to defend those that need protection and help, even at your own peril.

Bonhoeffer gave flesh to the idea that the being-for-others that was so characteristic of Christ, ought to become our own being-for-others.

A vote for Trump is not being-for-others but a mastery-of-others by way of a deranged character.

[Bonhoeffer’s] decision to join the resistance (which included his willingness to become complicit in murder) was informed by understanding the times. The totalitarian system could only be overthrown by military force from without or by removing Hitler from within.

…understanding that the moral majority doesn’t work anymore.

In order to get a majority today you need to vote Trump which implies losing the morality you stand for.

It is time to let go of power politics and time to return to a subversive Christianity that changes things from below.

The time of Christian domination in politics is over.

Much of the current debate is framed around the notion that America is a Christian nation, that it is known what the definition of “Christian” is, and that this “Christianness” ought to be restored and preserved by all means necessary.

Such discourse is only possible if we actually think we can know what God thinks, if somehow we assume that the Bible gives us absolute truth concerning God’s intentions, opinions, and wishes. 

God becomes a puppet who says what we want God to say.


God can be known, Bonhoeffer admits, but only when we surrender our ideologies, world views, and culture wars. God is manifested in Jesus Christ. And through the encounter with Jesus, God may show up in our actions as the humble servant who serves the other.

…the advice is to run away from Trump, culture wars, and the anxiety that drives all this, as fast as possible.

A vote for Trump is not being-for-others but a mastery-of-others by way of a deranged character.

//The Christian message was predicated upon a martyrdom, and it was fashioned by a people suffering from persecution…put this same message into a subculture in which its adherents actually wield the positions of greatest civic and economic power and you get a grotesque monstrosity which goes around bullying others, then claiming victimhood every time the targets of their abuse try to defend themselves.//

MHO this is happening. I never heard it put so well!!


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I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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