I wish to make a genuine contribution by acting as “prototype” of democratic citizens. 


//One blunt but honest way of describing this is that older white folks aren’t happy about an emerging world in which whiteness and entitlement are no longer synonymous.//

I wish to make a genuine contribution by acting as “prototype” of democratic citizens. But how do I turn around what has been seemingly the privilege of white people grooved in stone? Like alcoholism, being white racist seems to be a disease that tells you you don’t have a disease. Just being white and not racist or not wanting to be racist isn’t good enough!! Whites are come down to this temporary privilege whether whites want to be or not! All are one in Christ I’ve heard. What the hell does that mean anyway? Just speaking out when one sees the injustice to others of color… I haven’t got the language down yet but it’s coming MHO. What might it sound like? When will that become systemic equality rather than systemic violence based on race? I am one of the generation that has rightly been labelled as “sceptical” on account of my early disillusionment with grand ideological and constitutional promises such as “all men are created equal” and it was members of my generation (I am 67) who tried to dominated public debates throughout the history of the sixties and into the future.

My attitudes towards dealing with the past slowly began to change, to a new critical awareness prompted by a succession of scandals.

Battles to achieve racial equality have only partially found success. MHO with regard to creating equality we are, to put it mildly, a behind hand Nation.

MHO the pathologies of United States history could be explained by its seemingly never-ending transition from aristocracy to democracy.

Because of its double-dealing and double standards  about race, gender and culture it feels to me like we live in a country of enemies coming and going. What is my role in this significant shift toward equality? How do I fit and what groups do I come to identify with?  Per Viktor Frankl quote:  I am powerless to change what is now such a stone wall but I have the freedom to change my attitude!! What is my life’s task? Why am I here with these sensibilities? “…the whole ideological waste disposal, is a very wearisome and protracted job”. -Hans Magnus Enzensberger

I often complain of being ideologically “homeless” or even seeing the United States as a “country of enemies” &

a “culture of suspicion” vis-a-vis the recent election and its representatives.

I am without clearly defined aims,  or a plan for future action.

Other than to define myself having a steak in general in the well-being of others, in this case democratisation, to which particular criticisms could then be related to me: such  as snowflake, bleeding heart liberal, libtard, Progressive Christian Etc., I seek to provide a substitute for a broader critical public that has yet to develop which may require me to become part of a collective consciousness that creates and encourages a plan to educate the masses (as off-putting as that sounds!!) I Envision some sort appealing  debate, which avoids stirring up negative controversy by having opinions that reframe political arguments that are Adept at avoiding mutual moral destruction. MHO we are ever increasingly becoming a culture of violence and suspicion being held hostage by the alien other, not  wanting to look in the mirror lest we see that we have found our enemy and he is us!! Such  a debate would categorically list the value of identifying negatively urgent actions to avoid the mistakes  of the past genocides and displacement of populations white ancestor colonists found to be naive, powerless, easily exploited, inconvenient and surplus. It  could lead, and it probably will lead, to a primary concern, even an obsession, with unmasking politicians and other intellectuals, and with ascertaining their motivations. It seems to me that An advocate has to be prepared to be the subject of the suspicions of other advocates, environmentalist, liberals, atheists and conservatives. To what lengths are United States citizens able and willing to deal openly with past atrocities will reveal the quality & content of the extent of

Americans recovery I think.   the United States needs a clear standard applied by the left (but also by the American conservative occupiers) as to whether America has yet become truly democratic country. Remembrance  of the past has undoubtedly become a much more differentiated and decentralised process, especially among the young. Paradoxically, the culture of suspicion, criticism and questioning May create trust for the

country, both domestically and abroad, rather than undermining the stability of the Federal government. I reckon this emerging culture will develop a language that encourages a kind of  collective exorcism and even ostracism.

Perhaps the effectiveness of is this sceptical generation may be not least due to the fact that one’s advocacy promotes a goal to which one’s personal integrity, as an advocate, could make a genuine contribution by acting as “prototype” of democratic citizen.Be the change you wish to be!! A wish attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. Advocates lack of expertise might prove the point that citizens needed the right attitudes, rather than particular knowledge.”We all carry within us our places of Exile, our crimes, our ravages. Our task is to transform them in ourselves and others.” attributed to Albert Camus


Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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