heaven on Earth

 I dreamt young Marilyn Hadley -Voth came to my Walla Walla childhood home with some books she was going to take to the library. One of the books looked interesting to me and I asked to borrow it before she could take it back. It meant another trip for her so it really was a favor. The book was old and worn out. It had some very important, to me, psychological information in it. It was more like a textbook. I was reading it with interest and looking forward to page after page. Just as I was turning a page and I was anticipating more of what it was expressing to me I noticed the next page had been ripped out leaving me without The conclusion to it’s hypothesis. The experience was very frustrating!!
Marilyn came back as an older woman. She even had gray hair!! She had two girl children in tow. One was about 4 years old and the other one was a toddler of maybe 15 months. I offered to make tea for everyone. I had a variety of teas I never drank myself so I didn’t know what to make or how to make it. It was awkward. I even wondered in the dream why I had offered to make any. I felt obligated in some way I couldn’t define. I gave the task to Marilyn to make the tea the way she wished it. She picked out some kind of tea she liked and found a tea ball. She filled it and put it in a metal tea kettle. She set it to boil and when it was made I found a mug for the four-year-old and a teacup for the toddler. I didn’t know if I was making tea properly by putting it in cups like I did. I thought maybe I should have offered cups and saucers to everyone. I was wondering if it had been better if I hadn’t offered to make tea. I was a little ashamed that I didn’t know the proper protocol. But then I saw that Marilyn wasn’t disapproving and/or didn’t notice I was not doing things properly. I set some chairs around the table in the kitchen for her and her children. Then the toddler started to cry and Marilyn got frowned at me. I was filled with a sense of hopelessness at the situation and then I realized the stool I had provided for the toddler wouldn’t work for her because it was too short for her to be able to sit with the rest of us. I got a chair for the toddler and fixed her up so she would be Within Reach of the table. Then I said to Maryln “it’s not that we can’t communicate it’s just that we haven’t learned each other’s language.” That was the end of the dream. When I woke up I realized Maryln has been dead many years!! Her two children, Canaan & Beulah, a boy and a girl, are now middle-aged!!


Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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