you will intuitively know…

Yeah!! I was reading last night something from Richard Rohr about becoming this third thing: Not fighting not flighting but staying and growing. (you will intuitively know…) Now that I think of it I’ve been growing these last 67 years and doing something I wasn’t capable of doing in the beginning. I am becoming, layer by layer of experiences and insights, what God needs and wants in this world right now. I feel rather than know he has a purpose in creating me and putting me here at this moment!! I like that revelation of Thomas Merton’s seeing everyone shining like the sun and loving everybody! This is somewhere to begin by someone who’s been there and done that so it leads me to believe this is possible. I am witness to a witness to a witness!

I like how Richard Rohr put it: “Seed, the first or “affirming” force, meets ground, the second or “denying” force (and at that, it has to be moist ground, water being its most critical first component). But even in this encounter, nothing will happen until sunlight, the third or “reconciling” force, enters the equation. Then among the three they generate a sprout, which is the actualization of the possibility latent in the seed—and a whole new “field” of possibilities”

“A seed, as Jesus said, “unless it falls into the ground and dies, remains a single seed” (see John 12:24). If this seed does fall into the ground, it enters a sacred transformative process.”

Cynthia Bourgeault



Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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