About depression: you don’t have to push the river it flows by itself. -Barry Stevens


I am not a Carl Jung person. He is not my Guru. I like this quote however. And this one of Barry Stevens: you don’t have to push the river it flows by itself. To me this means the time it takes to move from one emotion to another… what Jung calls the ‘dangerous moment,’ the hovering between the decision to live or the decision to have life be over by one’s own actions and behaviors. From one dangerous emotion to a safer one is sometimes a respite to catch one’s breath for the next inevitable battle of the disease. There are activities in between that provide movement to that safer place in one’s head and heart so that one can survive the dangerous emotions and moments where one encounters the temptation to exterminate one’s self or others. Time moves everything forward and one put-put-puts it along whether one wishes to or not!! This seems to be the task before one who suffers this hideous disease of depression MHO. It is the quality of life on the fringes that is ravaged by a disease, of waiting for the end and hope that there will be moments of pleasure and joy too. I’m one that suffers. I am amazed that I can be grateful for those merciful moments of less pain!!


Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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