10 Ways to Clear the Clutter and Remove Bipolar Stress

Studies have found a link between a cluttered, unorganized environment and depression, stress and anxiety. Add bipolar disorder to the mix and the act of altering our living space can be emotionally paralyzing.

#1 Be intentional in your choices

Be thoughtful in your choices on whether to

keep an item or throw it away or give to charity.

That way, when you’re finished organizing your living space, you can look around and know that you made the choice consciously to keep or toss something. Be proud that you are intentionally creating a beautiful space to surround yourself in.

A more open environment elevates mood and leads to feelings of freedom.

A more open environment elevates mood and leads to feelings of freedom.

High ceilings and more natural light make a difference,

but so does well-arranged furniture that allows you to move around easily.

Julie Morgenstern promotes a three-part action plan:




She advises to think of your living space as a kindergarten classroom, a “model of organization” where everything has its own place.

friends’ and ‘strangers’

Use emotion to purge

Own too many jeans? “Instead of deciding which ones fit you … you might view them as ‘friends’ and ‘strangers,’” says Laurene, a professional organizer from Ontario. “Which ones make you feel fabulous when you’re wearing them? Which ones don’t you need in your life?”

Completion energy

“completion energy.” She suggests placing a Hula-Hoop over the space you want to clear, such as a bedside table. This feeling of completion will help you move on to the next spot at another time. The trick is to maintain the organization of each space, so the clutter is gone for good.

Stay in the room you have decided to purge and organize

purge and organize

and put the items that are either to go to another place (another room)

and put the items that are either to go to another place (another room)

or being thrown out into a box and

leave that task until later or another time

8 Daily maintenance

Before you leave a room or at the end of the day, put everything back in its place—just like you are in that kindergarten class again. This act will make you feel like you’re accomplishing something every day. Then, once every six months, take a look at things and their “places” and determine if they still fit into their designated spot or whether they could be purged.

10 Reward yourself

Every time you choose to not buy that item you really wanted, do something special for yourself—you deserve it. Perhaps you take the money you would have spent and put it in a special savings jar and after saving for awhile, invest it in something that will provide you with lasting happiness and something you’ve put a lot of thought into.


Author: charlesburchfield

I am an artist working primarily with collage.

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